Below are some of our features. Contact us for a demo to see them all.

- Find tools by searching our database or create your own tools. Our tool database includes pictures, descriptions, slang names, part numbers, weblinks, etc.

- Build tooling templates or use one of the suggestions provided. 

- Create multiple "tool inventory locations" such as bucket trucks, digger trucks, warehouses, etc.). These locations have their own contact name, crew number, contract number, address, etc.

- Add tool inventory with specific information such as serial numbers and test/repair dates.

- Manage and track tool inventory movement with features such as: receive, transfer, test/repair, missing, scrap, etc.

- Send tool request forms via email.

- View and print a tool reorder report for tools below your specified required quantities.

- View and print tool service-needed reports

- Cloud base system for remote access from a computer, tablet or phone.

- Capability to have multiple designated users


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